About 250 Natra


250 Natra, otherwise known simply as Natra, is a Canadian Hip-Hop Artist hailing from the ever-growing Southern Ontario section of the country. Natra got his spark in the industry almost by accident, as he originally chose to remain nameless on songs he helped cultivate and provided vocals on for local artists who were looking to make a splash in the rap game themselves. Natra’s faceless vocals began generating a substantial buzz locally as his sound captivated his hometown. Before long, his secret was out and he was met with an unusually high demand for more content from his hungry audience. He went on to release underground cult classics with his longtime running mate Cassius such as “No Time” and “Gaza”, which have gained the young artist notoriety both locally and on the world stage. Since his initial breakthrough in the industry, Natra has racked up hundreds of thousands of views and has been heard in over 60 countries worldwide. He has been well received on a number of media outlets including 6ixBuzz and has performed for large crowds on larger stages. With Natra seeing the amount of success he has after just barely wetting his feet in the music industry, he is poised for a long run in the rap game. His melodic voice combined with his genuine content has him being talked about as one of the hottest young artists in the country today. This, complemented by his flavourful style and natural good looks, gives Natra the rare combination of attributes that spell out star power. While other artists keep it 100, Natra  keeps it 250 like the address that raised him. Hip-Hop fans across the globe will have no choice but to get comfortable with Natra’s face and voice for the foreseeable future.